Taichi and his friends need to stop the revival of an extremely powerful Digimon in Digimon Adventure Episode 31. The next episode is called A New Darkness, Millenniumon.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Read if you wish to know more

The official Digimon Adventure Episode 31 preview trailer has been released, and it showcases the ancient Digimon.

“An ancient Digimon awakens and saves Taichi’s group and the jungle’s Digimon,” the promo text read for the new installment.

Twitter user Wikimon translated and tweeted the official synopsis for Digimon Adventure Episode 31. According to the synopsis, War Greymon’s Ultimate Evolution has led to unlocking the memories from the past that Lopmon hid away.

Lopmon, who led the forces of light, reveals that there is a threat of a powerful and evil Digimon named Millenniumon.

This evil Digimon is the greatest weapon of the forces of darkness that led to major destruction during the ancient war.

In Digimon Adventure Episode 31, it is revealed that Millenniumon was defeated by the Holy Digimon and the six Ultimate Warriors, but the dark forces are reviving it.

Taichi and his comrades must join forces to stop the revival at all costs. In the last episode of Digimon Adventure, the jungle is on fire, but Taichi and the others are safe. However, they need to rush and get away to a safer place before the fire engulfs them.

Meanwhile, the rocket incident is just the beginning. At the control center, the scientists are struggling to figure out the cause of the rocket explosion.

There are problems arising in satellites across the world. The disaster, if it spreads, the amount of data exchanged around the world will increase and stimulate networks.

And if that happens, it will stimulate Digimon like when the tankers went out of control. However, despite the danger, there are threats of any satellites entering the orbit of the planet.

Elsewhere, Taichi, Sora, and others need to find a way to get out of the jungle. If they can pass through the mountain cave up ahead, they can escape to the other side. Sora suggests that Garudamon can fly them over if they need to cross over the mountain. However, they fear they can be targeted from below. They need to come up with another strategy to get out safely.

Digimon Adventure episodes are available for online viewing on Crunchyroll. The live episodes stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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