A big incident will affect the Seven Warlords in One Piece Episode 957. The new episode is called Big News! An Incident That Will Affect the Seven Warlords!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Read if you wish to know more

The official One Piece Episode 957 promo trailer is out. Also, the One Piece manga is celebrating the 1000th issue in January 2021.

The Land of Wano Act Two ends and the fans prepare for the third act to begin, which will start from Episode 957 of the anime series.

“Conspiracies boil! The raging waves of time are drawing near! On the next episode of One Piece! Big News! An Incident That Will Affect the Seven Warlords!” the preview text read for the upcoming episode.

In the previous One Piece episode, Kaido announces that on the night of the Fire Festival, they will have the biggest party ever.

Later, Big Mom and Kaido make an announcement. They reveal that Animal Kingdom Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates have formed an alliance. Elsewhere, Kawamatsu tells his allies that Hiyori is alive and they get excited.

Meanwhile, Kozuki tells Kawamatsu that she will not meet everybody and the fighters should not get emotional before the battle.

She tells Zoro and Kawamatsu to fight bravely and save the Land of Wano. Kawamatsu conveys her message to the allies who are worried about her security. But Kawamatsu assures them that she is in a secure location.

Amid the emotional moment, Momonusuke remembers her childhood days with Kozuki. He is relieved that she is alive. Momonusuke asks Zoro if he saved her. He tells Zoro that she looks a bit rough, but is actually weak. Moreover, she cries a lot.

However, Zoro corrects him and tells him that a lot has changed and she is now 18 years older than him. She is not the same Kozuki.

Later, Tenguyama Hitetsu arrives with swords for the allies. He is a famed swordsmith from the Land of Wano. He reveals that he has been for two decades to hand back these swords to Momonusuke and Kozuki. He brings with him Oden’s precious swords.

Ame-no-Habakiri, it is capable of slicing heaven in two, and Enma that can cut through the insides of hell. These swords are counted among the 21 Excellent Grade Swords along with Shusui.

One Piece Episode 957 is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Sunday.

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