Chances are most of the general public are unaware of who Hilaria Baldwin is. But after a tweet about Alec Baldwin’s wife went viral, the 36-year-old has now become known as someone who supposedly pretended to be Spanish.

Page Six reports that the yoga teacher went to her Instagram account to address a Twitter firestorm that erupted over her allegedly pretending to be Spanish over the course of a decade.

The tweet alleged that Baldwin was grifting people by pretending to be Spanish, prompting Internet sleuths to dig up details about her life. They were able to discover that Hilaria Baldwin was actually named Hillary Hayword-Thomas before her marriage and is not Spanish at all.

People who said they were former classmates of Baldwin said that she was “a white girl from Cambridge” and did not have the Spanish accent that she had been sporting in a number of television appearances that she had made over the years.

The Daily Mail reports that on her Instagram Live clarifying all the news coming out about her, Baldwin revealed that she is indeed named Hillary, and that was the name she used in the United States. However, she says that she uses Hilaria in Spain.

The yoga teacher and podcaster also said that she was born in Boston, contradicting the biography on her agency speaker’s site saying that she was born in Mallorca, Spain. She said that her childhood was spent in both Massachusetts and Spain, while also adding that all of her family now lives in Spain.

Baldwin also shared images of herself as a young woman in Spain to prove her point, especially after people on the internet pointed out that she rarely posts about the country. She also shared a Spanish-language message from her brother.

Her husband, actor Alec Baldwin, also went online to call out publications he says are printing “completely false” claims. He reminded his followers to look at the sources of the news and make their own judgments regarding their trustworthiness.

Hillary Baldwin is just the latest celebrity to be called out online. At the start of the month, 30-year-old singer Rita Ora had to apologize for breaking lockdown rules that were in place in the United Kingdom.

The singer was caught holding a birthday party at London’s Casa Cruz restaurant that involved 30 guests, more than the number allowed by health and safety guidelines put in place by the British government.

Ora had to put out an apology that explained the birthday party as an inexcusable “error of judgment” that was made in the spur of the moment. Aside from the apology, the singer also had to pay authorities a £10,000 fine.