Jennifer Aniston posted a photo of a pandemic-themed Christmas tree ornament in the Stories section of her Instagram handle that led to mixed reactions from her followers.

The ornament was engraved with the words: “our first pandemic.” It looked like a take on the current year when the entire world had to celebrate the festival in a low-key manner. Fans slammed her post, and some even referred to it as “insensitive.”

However, The Morning Show actress did not mention whether the ornament belonged to her or not, according to Indian Express. Netizens, though, were under the impression that it belonged to her. 

It evoked mixed reactions, and some thought it was insensitive of her to post such a photo, particularly when so many people have been affected by this deadly virus. There were some who even thought that it was foolish on her part to share such a post. 

On the other hand, some fans supported the 51-year-old actress. They mentioned the efforts taken by her to create awareness on the coronavirus. The actress had also been speaking about the importance of face masks, according to Daily Mail

These followers felt that she posted the photo to educate them on the risks posed by the deadly pandemic. The fans felt she wanted to say that the pandemic was still there and would not end soon. Jen tried to convey the message in a hilarious manner, according to them. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston posted some pictures from the set of her drama series The Morning Show earlier this month. Aniston plays the role of Alex Levy, who is a TV anchor. 

The first season of the show was streamed on Apple TV+. The series has been based on a book titled Top of the Morning by Brian Stelter. Jen and her co-star Resse Witherspoon were both nominated for their respective roles in the Golden Globe Awards this year. 

The Friends alum will join her former co-stars of the iconic sitcom for a special reunion show, which is likely to premiere next year. Filming for the show had to be suspended due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In other news, the actress spent a quiet Christmas at her home this year with her beloved dogs. The actress had posted many pictures on the Stories section of her Instagram account. Most of them were about her dear pups, according to Just Jared

Lord Chesterfield, the latest addition in her family, was seen posing by some trees, which were decorated with fairy lights. It also looked like Jennifer Aniston’s new puppy was exhausted after the festivities as she posted another picture where he was seen sleeping in bed.