George Clooney recently revealed his health battles.

In its Jan. 4 issue, National Enquirer published a dubious headline about the actor.

“Clooney’s COVID Terror!” the headline reads.

At first glance, it seems as though the actor tested positive for COVID-19. However, the article is about Clooney’s fears for his 3-year-old son, Alexander.

During a recent interview, the Up In The Air star revealed that Alexander has asthma.

Even though there are reports that children don’t experience the same COVID-19 symptoms as adults, Clooney doesn’t want to be complacent.

A source told the tabloid that the actor and his wife, Amal Clooney are aware that people with asthma are at a higher-risk for the deadly virus.

As such, the couple is doing everything that they can to make sure that Alexander won’t be exposed.

The insider claimed that the Clooneys have reached out to their friends in the medical field to have Alexander monitored regularly.

Clooney doesn’t also leave his Los Angeles home to make sure that his son won’t be put at risk.

Since Alexander and Ella can’t also go out, their parents entertain them with games and family movie nights.

“They’re scared by the numbers of people coming down with the virus in Los Angeles,” the source said.

The Clooneys don’t also go out to buy their groceries. Instead, they just have their supplies delivered at home.

They also disinfect everything and are taking every possible precaution to protect their twins.

While the Clooneys' fears for their son are valid, what’s not acceptable is the tabloid’s misleading headline.

The Ocean’s Eleven actor recently revealed that he was diagnosed with pancreatitis after losing weight the unhealthy way.

According to Clooney, it took him weeks to recover after losing weight for his role in The Midnight Sky.

The actor also previously fell off his motorcycle, so his fans have been worried about his health.

As such, to suggest that he has COVID-19 is just not right.

This isn’t the first time that National Enquirer published a dubious claim about Clooney.

In its Dec. 28 issue, the tabloid claimed that the actor cheated death.

A source claimed that Amal is worried about her husband after learning that he lost 30 pounds in weeks for his role in the Netflix film.

While it is true that what Clooney did wasn’t good for his health, the actor never said that he almost died because of his drastic weight loss.