Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, heartbroken over Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga’s budding relationship.

In its Dec. 28 issue, New Idea claimed that Aniston recently noticed the changes in Pitt ever since he started working with Gaga in Bullet Train.

A source told the tabloid that Aniston and Pitt were seemingly dating, but the latter suddenly became smitten with the singer.

As such, Pitt started distancing himself from Aniston. And the Friends star couldn’t help but notice all the changes in her ex-husband.

The insider also claimed that there are times wherein Aniston would notice that Pitt isn’t listening to what she’s saying.

There are also times wherein Pitt is so attached to his phone, and Aniston couldn’t help but feel hurt.

According to the source, it’s only a matter of time before Aniston confronts Pitt about his relationship with Gaga.

But before doing so, The Morning Show star couldn’t help but remember what it felt like when Pitt chose Jolie over her years ago.

The tabloid then went on to enumerate all the reasons why Pitt is, allegedly, drawn to Gaga.

They said that the actor loves the fact that Gaga is a musical genius and a very impressive individual. And Gaga also feels the same way about Pitt.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be more wrong. Aniston and Pitt didn’t get back together so there’s no reason for the actress to get jealous.

Pitt and Gaga aren’t dating. And even though the singer’s name has been linked to Bullet Train, there’s no confirmation that she’s already been cast in the movie.

As such, Pitt and Gaga haven’t started working together. So, it’s unlikely for Pitt to have observed several nice things about the singer.

This isn’t the first time that Pitt and Gaga were linked to each other.

In its Dec. 14 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the “Poker Face” singer is dying to work with Gaga.

As such, Gaga invited Pitt to go to Japan with her so that they can discuss their future project.

A source claimed that the A-listers also wanted to see if they have real-life and on-screen chemistry with each other.

The insider also claimed that Pitt is looking forward to exploring Japan with Gaga because he wants to get away from Angelina Jolie and their custody battle.

However, there is no proof that Gaga and Pitt traveled to Japan recently.

It is possible that the tabloid is speculating about this destination because is this is the setting for Bullet Train.