Fans would remember Shania Twain’s famous song That Don’t Impress Me Much, which, reportedly, took a dig at Brad Pitt in the nineties. The songstress took to her social media handle to wish a happy birthday to the 57-year-old actor, which referred to the same number.

The 55-year-old country star posted a hilarious message on her Twitter handle where she mentioned that she would make an exception only for that day. The songstress, thus referenced to her famous track on Pitt titled That Don’t Impress Me Much

There was this iconic line in the song where she mentions that Brad Pitt did not impress her much. Many people thought she was trying to taunt the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood through her music.

However, the country musician had appeared for an interview for Billboard, where she explained the real meaning of this song. Pitt’s unclothed pictures were splashed on the Playboy magazine, and there was a major upheaval at that time.

Twain felt that people were obsessed with nudity when it was so normal and commonplace. Her song was meant to express that there was no big deal with nudity. 

However, many assumed that she took a dig at the Hollywood heartthrob through her song. The interview was conducted two decades after the hit track was dropped. 

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt sued the magazine, charging them to have intruded on his privacy and caused him emotional stress. He won the trial as the judge prohibited the publisher from producing any more copies of that edition. 

However, the judge did not pass any ruling on the recalling of all those copies which had been already circulated. The pictures were taken two years before Shania Twain wrote the lyrics for her song. The cameraman, reportedly, entered into the hotel premises on an island called St. Barthelemy, where Pitt was put up. 

The singer remembers how popular Pitt’s pictures were that year while she failed to understand why people were making such a fuss about the Hollywood A-star. Twain also recollects that she remained largely unimpressed.

After all, she thought, they see people without clothes every day. The country crooner also told the interviewer that she had no intention to ridicule the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star. Instead, she wanted to comment on how people were fascinated with stars disrobing. 

Incidentally, the song has been Shania Twain’s one of the most popular numbers to date. It featured on her third album titled Come On Over, according to Daily Mail.