Amal Clooney is, allegedly, seething at George Clooney for not taking good care of his health.

In its Dec. 28 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Amal was worried after George was diagnosed with pancreatitis just before he started filming for The Midnight Sky.

During a recent interview, the Ocean’s Eleven actor admitted that he tried to lose as much weight as he could for his role as an astronomer. And he forgot to lose weight the healthy way.

As such, George faced a health scare and Amal thinks that this could have been avoided if the actor tried to take better care of himself.

“Amal was unhappy. She was angry he put his health on the line for the role,” the source said.

The tabloid claimed that Amal is also livid because this isn’t the first time that George put his health at risk.

Two years ago, the actor suffered a concussion after his scooter smashed into a car in Italy.

The insider claimed that the human rights lawyer is fed up with George’s risk-taking and she has demanded her husband to take better care of himself.

Amal just wants to make sure that George will be around to take care of their twins and see them grow up into adults.

While it is possible that Amal is worried about her husband, she has never commented on George’s recent diagnosis.

Additionally, the headline that the tabloid used is misleading because they claimed that George cheated death.

However, the actor was just diagnosed with pancreatitis, and he’s doing much better now.

During his interview with Mirror, George admitted that he didn’t take good care of himself. However, the actor also said that it only took him a few weeks to recover.

George also said that his illness helped him get into character because it just made things more realistic.

After filming on a glacier in Finland, George returned home to be with his wife and twins.

He said that he arrived home much thinner and with facial hair, and his entire family wasn’t a fan of it.

In fact, after the Up In The Air actor got rid of his beard, his wife and kids couldn’t be more thrilled.

He said that before he shaved off his beard, his son, Alexander would hide in it and he wouldn’t realize it until he’s at work and someone else sees it on him.

The Midnight Sky will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 23.