Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have been accused of having a drinking problem.

In its Dec. 28 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Charles and Camilla have reached a new low because they’re drinking alcohol for breakfast.

Before launching his gin brand, Prince Charles used to drink alcohol after his morning meals.

However, a source told the tabloid that he now drinks glasses of alcohol together with his breakfast.

And it seems he got the bad habit from the Duchess of Cornwall.

The insider also said that Prince Charles has been laughing off suggestions that he has a drinking problem.

And in his defense, he has been saying that he needs to drink regularly to taste the gin that he’s selling to the public.

However, the tabloid alleged that Prince Charles is lying about his drinking problem because he has bloodshot eyes.

“One or two sips and his troubles melt away – and he’s ready to face the day,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed that Queen Elizabeth couldn’t help but feel concerned about her son’s drinking habits.

As such, the monarch is thinking about throwing Prince Charles and Camilla into a rehab facility if they don’t control their drinking.

Last week, National Enquirer also concocted a dubious claim about Prince Charles and alcohol.

The tabloid claimed that Prince Charles and the queen are competing against each other when it comes to the best-tasting gin.

And since Prince Charles doesn’t want to get defeated, he’s bribing Prince William to choose his gin selection over his grandmother’s.

A source told the tabloid that Prince William loves to suck up to the queen, so it’s possible that he would choose her mix over Prince Charles.

However, there is no competition between the queen and Prince Charles over booze because their products taste different.

Prince Charles’ organic gin is from Highgrove, and it is flavored with the herbs from his garden.

While speaking with Daily Mail, master distiller Cory Mason said that Prince Charles’ gin is traditional, elegant, and refined but with complex herbal notes of a traditional English garden.

The queen’s gin, on the other hand, is sourced from the botanical gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Her Majesty’s gin features lemon, verbena, hawthorn berries, and mulberry leaves.

Both products are only available for shipping in the United Kingdom. And the queen’s gin has been sold out since it first launched weeks ago.