Amal Clooney has become one of the biggest Hollywood wives in the past decade. As the wife of a successful actor, director, and producer George Clooney, the civil rights lawyer has become an instant celebrity herself.

Apparently, there have been rumors regarding the couple’s marriage in the past, claiming that they were on the verge of divorcing. Although there are no truths over these claims, marital problems between the two happen.

In a recent interview with Amal, she goes on to say that she has fears writing another book while still being married to George Clooney.

The civil rights lawyer revealed that she just finished writing her book ‘The Right To A Fair Trial In International Law,’ which she confessed to authoring while George Clooney was traveling around the globe for his movie projects.

She did express that the ‘Oceans 8’ actor was extremely supportive of her brand new book and has been a great source of strength.

"I know this process seemed interminable to him. Especially since I was always so sure that this was 'the very last drafting session,' over and over again!” Amal shared.

The mother-of-two proceeded to say that she cannot foresee herself writing another book ‘for the sake of her marriage.’ As to what she meant by this phrase is quite muddled.

Per the report of People, the lawyer meant that Amal finds that writing a book has been a big push for her and George’s patience and marriage.

The accusations that she was to write a tell-all book on her relationship with George Clooney and her life as the wife of one of the most famous men in the world was cooked up after her announcement of finishing ‘The Right To A Fair Trial In International Law.’

Of course, these are baseless rumors, as it has been the couple’s priority to stay private with their personal life. They made it their job to keep their children, twin Alexander and Ella, out of the spotlight and have lived a majority of their married life in Lake Como in Italy instead of in Los Angeles.

George Clooney’s most recent project, ‘The Midnight Sky,’ has pushed the couple back into the frontpage, and George has been on several interviews revealing stories about their life in lockdown.

He apparently shocked Amal after confessing the truth about his $500 million fortune.

The pair are currently living in a small village in the U.K., where they spent the lockdown as a family.