There have been several claims that George Clooney is retiring from his career as an actor.

Gossip Cop recently listed a handful of times wherein tabloids claimed that Clooney was quitting his beloved craft due to a slew of reasons.

Two years ago, Star claimed that Amal Clooney’s wife realized that he wanted to star in theatrical plays instead of movies because he always thought of himself as a classically trained Shakespearean actor.

A source for the tabloid claimed that the Ocean’s Eleven star had to convince his wife to relocate to London so that he could pursue his ultimate dream.

The insider also claimed that George wanted to reinvent himself as a serious actor. And he believes that the London stage is the perfect venue for him to do this.

Around the same time, Woman’s Day claimed that George would be forced to quit the industry because he plans to run for president.

The speculations about George running for president became rife after he and his wife donated a huge sum of money to the victims of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

A source claimed that George and Amal have been dubbed as the modern John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy of modern times.

Also, in the same year, Hollywood Life alleged that George has decided to become a full-time dad to his twins, Alexander and Ella.

National Enquirer also claimed that George suffered severe brain damage after he got into a motorcycle accident in Sardinia.

And since George is sick, he is struggling to memorize his line and perform to the best of his ability.

As such, the actor just decided to quit acting altogether.

But until today, George has not said anything about quitting the industry. In fact, he doesn’t have any plan to do so.

After the tabloids claimed that he was quitting acting, George continued to film The Midnight Sky.

The movie will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 23.

During his interview with Deadline, George also revealed that he’s doing a lot of things right now.

He will be directing The Tender Bar, which is a movie that’s based on a book.

George has also signed on for Boys in the Boat.

"So that’s three projects. It all kind of comes down to when we’re able to get back to work, and then when we’re able to get back fully to work," he said. 

Based on the actor’s recent update, it’s unlikely for George to be quitting the industry anytime soon or ever.