A musician par excellence, Paul McCartney has been the bassist and co-lead vocalist in the legendary Beatles band. He has innumerable hit numbers to his credit. However, a magazine is claiming that the singer-songwriter is losing his memory.

Is it true that the iconic singer forgets the lyrics of his biggest hits? At least, that is what a tabloid has purported. McCartney sang his first hit song at the age of 22 years. A report has now contended that he needs to use a teleprompter while performing in live shows as he keeps forgetting the lyrics of his own songs. 

It seems the singer himself acknowledged in an interview that there are times when he forgets a song while on other occasions, his mind gets diverted. 

The report ends by claiming that the Come Together singer’s mental condition is deteriorating, and his music career might come to an end soon. However, the magazine conveniently forgot the fact that the singer has recorded hundreds of songs over the years since The Beatles broke up.

The use of teleprompter is quite commonplace in live shows these days, according to Cosmopolitan. Many singers use it as a safety measure on their live shows. 

Thus, it is wrong to say that McCartney has lost his memory. He has been using a teleprompter as a professional just like many other singers, including Miley Cyrus, according to Gossip Cop

Also, it is not easy for any singer to remember the lyrics of each and every singer. Paul McCartney is 78-year-old now, and it is too much to expect that he will remember the lyrics of hundreds of songs recorded by him over so many decades. 

In other news, McCartney revealed in a recent interview given at The Howard Stern Show that Taylor Swift adjusted the dates of her surprise album Evermore so that her release will not clash with the former Beatle’s latest album, according to Rolling Stone

Swift emailed him to reveal that she wanted to drop another album, which she has not shared with anyone. The former Beatle recalls that the songstress initially intended to release it on her birthday. 

However, the moment she found out that McCartney’s new album is coming out on the 10th, she shifted her release to the 18th. But when she discovered that his album is dropping on the 18th, she moved her release to the 10th once again. 

The former Beatle had originally planned to go on music tours this year, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Yet, he continued to work on some old songs of his, wrote a few others, and recorded a lot of new music. 

Paul McCartney’s McCartney III will drop on Dec. 18, 2020, if there is no other album release on the same day.