Taylor Swift is known to be a private person and hardly speaks much about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. However, the songstress recently revealed that her beau used the pseudonym William Bowery while co-writing some of her recent songs' lyrics.

Swift rarely comments about her boyfriend though they have been dating for four years now. However, this Monday was an exception as the Love Story songstress discussed her surprise album Folklore, which was dropped in July this year.

She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Monday, mentioning that her boyfriend picked up his own pseudonym, William Bowery, to write lyrics for some of the songs in her albums. Incidentally, The Favourite actor also wrote lyrics for her first surprise album Folklore this year. 

She shared the information after the host asked whether her boyfriend wrote lyrics of some songs using the pseudonym William Bowery or not. Kimmel also asked the Style hitmaker who selected that name. 

Swift confirmed that her boyfriend chose it. Her answer prompted the host to ask whether the name has a hidden significance or not. The Grammy Award-winning singer had a coy reply for this question. She told Kimmel that he should ask Alwyn because he was in a better position to answer this question. 

The 31-year-old singer had revealed that Joe Alwyn was an accomplished piano player, according to Daily Mail. She also confirmed that her beau had composed the piano part. 

Taylor Swift is also known to drop little intriguing clues in her songs. She confirmed that contrary to speculations, Woodvale is not going to be her third surprise album’s title. 

Incidentally, one of the fan theories has been that Woodvale could be the title for her next album. However, according to the songstress, the inclusion of the word in her album Folklore was an honest mistake. 

The singer’s eagle-eyed fans discovered that the word “Woodvale” appeared on the cover image of her album Folklore. They joined the dots to conclude that this could be her new album name. 

Meanwhile, Taylor has explained that the word was used as Folklore’s production title. Incidentally, both these words have the same number of alphabets. She mentioned that the word had remained by mistake on an image she had finally chosen for the cover of her EP, according to Vulture. 

Taylor Swift took to her Instagram handle and revealed one of her favorite parts while directing her music videos. She loved the preparatory/daydreaming part the most. She also loves to work with an animator so that it can be storyboarded in advance.