Brian Austin Green is the best possible version of a father. Yes, the 47-year-old actor is quarantined with his three children and helping them to do various activities, including homeschool amid the pandemic.

The actor revealed that he is trying his best to entertain his three sons while ensuring that they get their proper education. In a virtual interview with ET, the actor shed light on his life under quarantine and lockdown with Journey, who is four-year-old, Bodhi, six-year-old, and Noah, who is eight-year-old.

The actor shares three children with his estranged wife, Megan Fox. The former couple is going through a rough patch during their divorce, while the actor seemed focused on the brighter side of life. Green explained that he had to ensure having pod for more children considering his eldest son isn't fond of remote learning.

The actor disclosed that Noah isn't someone who would stay in front of a system and learn something. He realized that there are certain children who want to be with other children, and they love socializing.

Although the actor acknowledged that this time isn't right to step out of the house, and as a result, he is trying to help his children developing new skills that are interesting and helpful at the same time. The actor said that he wants his children to become more independent, especially cooking their own meals.

Green said that he created a chicken coop in the summer, and now he is busy creating a garden for growing vegetables. The actor noted that if they are forced to eat food at home, then he thought it would be a fun experience to grow stuff at home.

"The kids are way more excited about eating it than going to a grocery store and buying fruits and vegetables and all of that. Like picking fruits off of trees or bushes, their involvement is what keeps them excited about eating it," the actor explained.

However, the actor admitted that even he is learning as he tries to teach his children. The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles star confessed that he is currently in trial and error mode. Fox and Green stayed in wedlock for a decade before they decided to part their ways.

The former couple is seeking custody of their children amid irreconcilable differences has been cited. Amid the rough patch in his personal life, the actor has been spending most of his time on The Masked Singer.