The duality of BTS Jimin, 25, is storming over the hearts of fans and Twitter. That said, the BTS lead vocalist is blowing away the world with his extreme dashing look in a new Dispatch teaser.

Jimin's duality is lethal

On Dec. 15 (Tuesday), following South Korea's time zone, Dispatch dropped the newest teaser entry for Dicon's magazine 10th-anniversary special issue. The said issue is a one-of-a-kind photo book that gives prominence to the fame and shining star of Big Hit Entertainment's biggest boy band ever—BTS!

Today, the magazine unveiled the gifts of Jimin, in the form of his intense duality. It comes after the photos and shots of BTS members Jungook and V.

Korea Boo described the photos of Jimin as teasers that show "two contrasting looks." The one teaser is soft and sweet, while the other one is chic and more fully-pledged.

On the other hand, what is highlighted in the teasers is the duality of Jimin, as mentioned above, and Allkpop. His duality is shining whether the Filter singer is on stage or during shoots for videos and photos.

Furthermore, Jimin has a genuine angel yet bossy aura, which makes fans love him even more. His distinct characteristics make him one of the best, as it is easy for him to act like a sweet creature than shift into a fierce monster all of a sudden whenever a camera is pointing at him.

Dispatch took hold of BTS Jimin

Dispatch's new teaser is available for fascination on various social media platforms, especially on Dicon Korea's official Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube channel. It comes in handy with photos and an almost 30-second video teaser that will surely make the fans pre-order the magazine's upcoming special issue.

On the Twitter post by Dicon, the video of Jimin is titled as "Dicon 10th, Angel Jimin, it's okay. This is unpredictable and the charm continues."

The teaser release then stormed over Twitter's trending list, with millions of BTS's fans tweeting about the shots. Fans praised and admired the demeanor and vibe Jimin channeled on the images, amid the craze brought by his two fellow band members.

Jimin undoubtedly made sure to continue the sophistication first provided by Jungkook and V, and that will undoubtedly continue to the remaining members' entries.

Meanwhile, the pre-sales of Dicon's special edition photobook of BTS will commence on Dec. 18 (Friday) at precisely 10 AM KST. It will run via Aladin, Yes24, eBay, Interpark, and more.