There’s something romantic brewing for Tom Cruise and Kate Winslet, or at least this is what the tabloid claims.

In its Dec. 21 issue, New Idea alleged that Cruise and Winslet have gone on several secret dates together.

A source told the tabloid that Leonardo DiCaprio was the one that encouraged Cruise to pursue his Titanic co-star. And the former was also the one that gave Winslet’s number to Cruise.

Even though Cruise and Winslet have known each other for years, they lost touch shortly after the Golden Globes in 2009.

But after Winslet jokingly said that Cruise holds the record for the longest underwater breath-hold in a feature film, the Mission: Impossible star couldn’t help but be thrilled.

Cruise is smitten with Winslet. And the tabloid said that the A-listers seem to be perfect for each other because Winslet likes quirky men.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also said that Hollywood execs are pleased to know that Winslet and Cruise are also talking about possible projects together.

Since there are a lot of empty studios in the United Kingdom right now, it is only fitting for Cruise and Winslet to work together.

However, it is important to note that Winslet isn’t single. The actress has been married to Edward Abel Smith since 2012.

But to make their dubious claims more believable, the tabloid said that it seems Winslet and Smith are no longer together because they haven’t been photographed in public since 2018.

The insider also speculated on the possibility that the married couple could be bickering behind closed doors. And could eventually divorce.

However, all these claims are unfounded because Cruise and Winslet have not expressed any desire to date each other.

In related news, Cruise has been linked to a slew of women in recent months.

Earlier this year, Woman’s Day claimed that Cruise was spotted with a mystery blonde during a helicopter ride in London.

A source claimed that the actor’s helicopter is usually reserved for his family and friends.

But the fact that he invited a blonde girl to ride on his chopper means there’s something serious going on between them.

In October, Woman’s Day claimed that Cruise has fallen in love with his Mission: Impossible co-star, Hayley Atwell.

A source said that the actor is smitten with Atwell and he thinks she’s attractive.

But if Cruise and Atwell are together, more reputable publications would’ve already reported on their romance.