Liam Hemsworth could file a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus.

In its Dec. 21 issue, New Idea claimed that Hemsworth’s friends are encouraging him to act fast after Cyrus suggested that their marriage ended because of the actor’s drinking and partying.

While speaking with Rolling Stone, Cyrus admitted that she was at her lowest while she was married to the Australian actor.

The singer also revealed that she was experimenting with drugs and alcohol during that time. And the people that were in her life weren’t a good influence on her.

Cyrus didn’t mention Hemsworth’s name in her statement, but New Idea insisted that the “Wrecking Ball” singer is throwing shade at her ex-husband.

As such, a source said that Hemsworth could file a lawsuit against Cyrus because she breached their confidentiality agreement.

Additionally, the Australian hunk is insisting that his marriage to Cyrus ended because of the singer’s infidelity and not because he had a drinking problem.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also claimed that Hemsworth’s career struggled since his split from Cyrus. And the singer’s new allegations can just make things worse for the actor.

The source also insisted that Cyrus cannot just tell the magazines that Hemsworth was the one that needed to be saved.

After all, the actor was the one trying to get his ex-wife clean.

In related news, there have been several rumors surrounding Cyrus in recent months.

Five months ago, Now to Love claimed that the singer’s family and friends want to check Cyrus into a rehab facility because her mental health was declining.

A source alleged that Cyrus’s loved ones are convinced that she’s in such a dark place.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Cyrus’s family and friends never insisted on sending her to rehab.

And it wasn’t also true that the singer was in such a dark place.

Just like what she said in this month’s interview with Rolling Stone, the darkest time of her life was while she was married to Hemsworth.

“A couple of years ago, it looked like I was living some fairy tale. It really wasn’t,” she said.

Cyrus and Hemsworth split last year. And they have both moved on from each other.

The “We Can’t Stop” singer just got out of her 9-month relationship with Cody Simpson. And she is now single.

Hemsworth, on the other hand, has moved on with his girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks.