George Clooney has, allegedly, been adamant at saying that he doesn’t want to have any more children.

Even before his recent interview, tabloids were already concocting dubious claims about the actor and his wife, Amal Clooney.

Months ago, Now to Love claimed that George and Amal were drifting apart because they couldn’t agree on whether they should have more kids.

Amal encouraged George to have more children. But it soon became clear to the human rights lawyer that her husband never enjoyed being a dad.

In fact, George told Amal that he hates changing diapers. And the Up In The Air star agreed to iron out the details of his divorce to Amal if this meant he wouldn’t be forced to have more children.

But after the actor noticed how sad Amal looked, George suddenly had a change of heart.

The actor became more open to the idea of having another baby because Amal wants to have three kids.

And George also agreed that they will have their third child via IVF because it’s been a struggle to get Amal pregnant because of her age.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims today by saying that they are far from the truth.

They said that George and Amal’s marriage was not in crisis months ago. And it was never in crisis because they were fighting over having more kids.

The rumor-debunking site also noted that the claims about the Clooneys’ marriage falling apart are old and tiresome.

During a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Amal said that she and George don’t have any plans to have more children.

In 2017, the human rights lawyer acknowledged that she’s not very young to have more kids.

George also said the same thing during a recent interview. He said that he’s an older dad so it’s hard for him to have more children.

In fact, the Ocean’s Eleven actor was only looking forward to having one child, so he was shocked to learn that Amal was pregnant with twins.

However, George never said that he hates changing diapers or taking care of his twins.

In fact, he recently revealed that he’s a hands-on dad to Alexander and Ella.

George revealed that he reads books to his kids, plays tricks on them, runs around the house, and he also puts them to bed.

While in quarantine, the actor was also forced to cut his kids’ hair.