Amal Clooney and George Clooney are once again rumored to be at the brink of a divorce.

This week, New Idea claimed that Amal urged George to have more kids with her, but he refused.

The Ocean’s Eleven actor, allegedly, thinks he’s too old to run after kids. And he’s also content with having twins.

A source alleged that George’s refusal to have more kids didn’t sit well with his wife that’s why Amal is contemplating divorcing the actor.

In fact, there are, allegedly, speculations that their marriage won’t last until George’s 60th birthday next year.

Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by stressing the fact that George and Amal are doing fine. And there’s no indication that the couple is planning on getting a divorce.

The rumor-debunking site also pointed out that George and Amal aren’t fighting over having more kids.

In fact, during a previous interview, the human rights lawyer said that she’s happy with having just her two kids, Ella and Alexander.

While speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Amal was asked if she wanted to have more kids and she shook her head.

She also said that she had her twins late so she’s not keen on having more children.

George also said that while he and Amal were dating, they never talked about the prospect of having children.

The only time that the couple discussed the matter is after they tied the knot.

After their wedding, George and Amal talked about how lucky they both are. And they felt selfish not to share this luck with their offspring.

As such, they decided to have children. And George admitted that he was preparing himself to become a dad of one.

But while at the doctor’s clinic, he was informed that he will be a dad of two. The news shocked the actor so much that he was unable to talk for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, George also spoke with Entertainment Tonight, where he dished on his happy marriage to Amal.

The actor gushed over his wife by calling her funny, smart, and gorgeous. He also said he always feels proud to be standing next to Amal.

George also talked about fatherhood and said that there are challenges when it comes to being an older dad.

After all, his twins sometimes ask him to hop on the bed and he can’t do it because he will soon turn 60 years old.