Victoria Beckham is, allegedly, worried that Brooklyn Beckham’s ex-girlfriend, Hana Cross, could spill the dirt on their family.

In its Dec. 14 issue, New UK claimed that Victoria is feeling stressed after learning that Cross will be releasing an EP early next year.

During an interview, the model and singer recently said that she started writing songs again during the coronavirus lockdown because her modeling jobs were affected by the lockdown.

Cross also said that she tends to write about her personal experiences and uses them as her inspiration for her lyrics.

As such, a source told the tabloid that the Spice Girls member is worried about what Cross could say about her and her son.

After all, Victoria and Cross never, allegedly, saw each other eye to eye. In fact, the two never, allegedly, got along well with each other.

And to make things worse, Cross and Brooklyn had a very tumultuous relationship.

The exes, allegedly, had very public spats years ago. So, when they split in August 2019, the Beckhams couldn’t be more thrilled.

Now, Brooklyn is busy preparing for his upcoming wedding to Nicola Peltz. The couple got engaged just before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

However, there are also a lot of rumors surrounding Brooklyn and Peltz’s engagement and upcoming wedding.

In August, WHO claimed that the couple tied the knot secretly. Speculations started swirling after the American actress posted a photo on her Instagram, showing Brooklyn wearing a gold band on her finger.

Fans of the couple immediately noticed the jewelry and assumed that they already tied the knot.

Last month, Woman’s Day claimed that Victoria had a breakdown, so she forced her eldest son to call off his wedding.

A source told the tabloid that Victoria went all out with the wedding planning, and she also made sure to invite the most famous personalities to the ceremony and reception.

Victoria was hopeful for Brooklyn’s wedding to push through early next year, but because of COVID-19, it seems that they have to delay their plans once again.

Doing so didn’t, allegedly, sit well with Victoria, so she urged her son to just cancel his wedding altogether.

The insider also said that Brooklyn tried to console his mom and told Victoria again and again that he’s not in a rush to tie the knot.

Unfortunately, the fashion designer was, allegedly, inconsolable, so his wedding is still off.

However, this isn’t true. If Brooklyn called off his wedding, it would already be in the news by now.