Nicole Kidman is, allegedly, reeling after hearing Hugh Jackman’s comments about Renee Zellweger.

In its Dec. 14 issue, New Idea claimed that Kidman has always spoken highly of Grant. In fact, Keith Urban’s wife recently talked about the special bond that she shares with the actor.

But to her surprise, Grant recently admitted that he adores his Bridget Jones Diary co-star, Zellweger more.

Even though Grant didn’t compare Kidman and Zellweger with each other, the tabloid still claimed that the actor’s comments did not sit well with the Big Little Lies star.

After all, Grant said that he loves Zellweger because she’s one of the few actresses that he’s still in contact with.

In fact, Grant and Zellweger still send each other long emails every now and then.

A source for the tabloid claimed that Kidman wasn’t thrilled to hear Grant’s comments. In fact, she felt that it was like a slap on her face especially since she’s been praising Grant over and over again.

Last week, Kidman and Grant also made headlines after the same tabloid claimed that the A-listers are ready to pick sides.

Since Kidman and Grant are friends with George Clooney and Russell Crowe, they might, allegedly, be forced to pick sides since the other two are still feuding.

If this happens, Kidman and Grant will, allegedly, side with Crowe because they can’t believe that Clooney would reignite his feud with the actor.

Other than this, Kidman and Grant have also been linked to each other.

In March, Woman’s Day claimed that Urban is jealous of Kidman and Grant’s closeness. And the country singer is also, allegedly, worried that the A-listers could fall in love.

A source alleged that Kidman didn’t inform her husband beforehand that she will be posting a loved-up photo with Grant on social media.

As such, Urban was surpassed to see Kidman with Grant online. And this, allegedly, made him feel annoyed.

The insider said that Kidman isn’t solely to blame. After all, she hasn’t been getting much attention from her husband that’s why she decided to look for it elsewhere.

However, the claims of the tabloid aren’t true because Kidman and Grant are just friends. As such, it’s unlikely for Urban to be jealous of their closeness.

It isn’t also true that Kidman and Urban are having problems in their marriage.

In October, the actress told Today that she’s married to a really good man.