Prince William and Kate Middleton have been blasted by their fans after their plans of going on the Britannia tour were revealed today.

Today, Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be boarding the royal train today to go on a three-day tour around Britain to meet and show their thanks to key workers.

Apparently, the royal pair plans were an unprecedented event, which causes a very big hubbub with Britons.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plans include a 10-stop tour in Britain, Scotland, and Wales. This move has been branded by many as a ‘PR stunt’ by the couple.

People have taken to Twitter to air out their dismay for the royal pair, pointing out that it is not a great time to be traveling around the country with the Pandemic still going on.

One user said that a tour is not what is needed right now and even went as far as calling the future King and Queen of England ‘deluded’.

While a second person fumed over the news, writing, “It's about themselves (nothing to do with the workers) in the middle of pandemic they want to pull this PR stunt... #RoyalTrainTour make it make sense. They can pledge their support in a different way. This is not it.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have adapted the new normal in their approach to their patronages. In the past months, the pair have successfully done tens of engagements through zoom, much to the delight of the Britons.

It was not until after summer did the Royal Palace allow for face to face engagements. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were the first to return to face to face engagements, followed by Prince William.

The British people believe that this move by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will just create more problems than actually solving it.

Despite the massive backlash the pair has gotten over their three-day royal tour, this will commence still with the goal to motivate and raise the morale of key workers.

Prince William was diagnosed with Covid-19 back in April, which was only revealed last month. This has caused some concerns over the health of the King-to-be, but Prince William continuous on working.

Kate Middleton has also been gaining some traction over the week after she did her first solo engagement in months, which was greeted with praises from royal fans.

The royal pair will represent the Queen in this three-day tour to keep the monarch safe whilst the pandemic still rages on.