Amal Clooney allegedly wanted to adopt a refugee child after meeting several kids in need last year. However, George Clooney refused.

This week, Gossip Cop revisited a dubious story that was published by OK! magazine exactly a year ago.

Back then, the tabloid alleged that the Clooneys were feuding over having more children.

The human rights lawyer allegedly wanted to adopt a baby in need because she believes that they are capable of giving the child a better life.

However, George believes otherwise. The Ocean’s Eleven actor allegedly thinks that adopting a refugee child is risky because it needs more love and attention.

And the fact that he and Amal already have two kids, who are still very young, made the actor think that having more kids just wouldn’t work for them.

Last year, Gossip Cop already debunked the tabloid’s claims after they spoke with an unnamed source for the Clooneys.

They claimed to have been told that George and Amal don’t have any plans to adopt.

In fact, George recently revealed that he and Amal don’t have any plans to have more kids. After all, they’re already content with having two children.

During his interview with Sunday Morning, George revealed that he was shocked to learn that he and his wife were having twins.

Since he’s already in his 50s, George admitted that he was just looking forward to being a dad of one.

So, when the doctor told him that he and Amal will be having twins, he was unable to speak for about 10 minutes because he was so surprised.

But despite his shock, George has warmed up to becoming a wonderful dad to Ella and Alexander.

In fact, he recently told GQ that he’s very hands-on with his twins, especially during the quarantine period.

The Up In the Air star said that he managed to cut his kids’ hair, and he also reads books to them.

During his interview with GQ, George’s son Alexander also interrupted him after he entered the room.

George had a conversation with the 3-year-old who had chocolate on his face. He asked if he ate the treat, and Alexander said yes.

The actor then asked his son how old he is now, and Alexander adorably said that he’s 3 years old because he just had his birthday.

George also asked Alexander to speak in Italian because he’s fluent in the language, and he said “Molto Caldo” or “very hot.”