Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the British Royal Firm is still one of the most shocking news from the royals this 2020.

Although rumors of the royal pair’s plan to separate themselves from the monarchy have been circulating in the past year, the realization that the two will no longer be working royals has hit the Palace in a way they did not foresee.

One of the biggest mistakes the Royal Firm has made in the past 10 years is undermining Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s potential, says Fergie, Duke of York.

In Harry’s most recent speech for WaterBear, the Prince takes a direct quote from Fergie’s speech she made months ago regarding the pandemic.

Fergie was said to be very grateful for the Prince’s subtle ode to her. The Duchess of York is well aware that her narrative has often been closely compared to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry’s appearance for WaterBear saw him talking about the ongoing pandemic as well as climate change. He speaks about mother nature ‘sending us to our room’ through the pandemic during his talk.

This has been compared to Fergie’s post on Instagram made last March 2020. In the Duchess of York’s post, she talks about the pandemic the same way.

"Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms, like the spoilt children we are. She has sent us to our rooms and when she is finished clearing up our mess. She will let us out to play again. How will we use this time?” Fergie wrote.

According to Royal Lodge insiders, the home of Fergie and ex-husband Prince Andrew, the Duchess of York, is well aware of the contrasts made between her and the Sussex’s, especially that of Meghan Markle.

She is said to express her realization often that she and Meghan have parallel stories. The Duchess has been divorced from Prince Edward for over a decade now, yet they still live together, but Fergie’s ‘HRH’ status has been removed, much like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Fergie and the Sussex’s have gone on to venture into commercial options. They are under the same Speaking company ‘Henry Walker’, which is based in New York.

Several biographies have also been written about them during their lives as working royals. Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s biography was unauthorized by the pair, the fact that it seems like the couple is following Fergie’s footstep is upsetting to The Queen.

Prince Harry and Meghan are currently living in California and will be based there from now on.