Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga could allegedly get together both professionally and personally.

In its December 14 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Gaga wants to work with Pitt. And she’s proposing a thriller project that they could star in.

A source told the tabloid that Pitt is also interested in working with Gaga because he saw her performance in A Star Is Born.

As such, Pitt and Gaga will allegedly head to Japan to discuss the project. And traveling to Asia will also allegedly be a perfect opportunity for Pitt to be away from his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star allegedly wants to get away from Jolie because she’s been stressing him out with their ongoing custody battle.

And Pitt doesn’t also want Jolie to see him with Gaga because the Maleficent star might use their budding relationship as ammo in their custody battle.

As such, the Ad Astra actor is looking forward to exploring Japan with the “Poker Face” singer, and Gaga allegedly feels the same way.

After all, Gaga’s relationship with Michael Polansky is allegedly falling apart since they quarantined together.

Now, the singer’s eyes are set on Pitt. And they want to see if they have chemistry that’s why they’re traveling to Japan.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is still no confirmation that Pitt and Gaga will star in a movie together.

Last month, there were talks that the two could star in Bullet Train.

According to W magazine, Bullet Train is already in production, and Gaga is in talks to co-star in the movie. However, nothing has been finalized.

Bullet Train is about five top-tier assassins who find themselves individually assigned to do a task on a bullet train in Japan. This is where their lives will intertwine.

Pitt will reportedly play the role of one of the hitmen named Ladybug.

Other cast members include Logan Lerman, Michael Shannon, Zazie Beetz, Joey King, and more.

Meanwhile, National Enquirer also claimed in their story about Pitt and Gaga that the singer was the one that broke off Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship.

The tabloid alleged that Gaga and Cooper fell in love when they co-starred in their first movie in 2018.

And the A-listers’ closeness didn’t allegedly sit well with Shayk.

However, Gaga has said time and again that she and Cooper are just friends.