Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are allegedly struggling in their relationship because of the former athlete’s weight gain.

In its December 14 issue, Globe claimed that Rodriguez has been refusing to work out with Lopez. He has also been bingeing on bread, pies, and other foods that are high in calories.

The tabloid claimed that this is the reason why Rodriguez has been gaining weight.

A source alleged that Lopez already warned Rodriguez about his weight gain. And she has also been encouraging him to work out with her.

However, the only work out that Rodriguez does is when he picks up a knife and a fork to continue bingeing.

The insider said that Rodriguez’s weight gain could cause the couple to split because Lopez isn’t a fan of her fiancé’s saggy dad bod.

To make things worse, the World of Dance judge allegedly knows that a lot of hunky guys are drooling over her.

As such, if Rodriguez won’t fix his eating habits and start hitting the gym, it possible for their wedding to not push through.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that a tabloid accused Rodriguez of bingeing and gaining weight.

In October, National Enquirer claimed that Lopez is grossed out by her fiancé’s eating habits and lifestyle.

Lopez has also allegedly caught Rodriguez pigging out on carbs late at night instead of hitting the gym with her.

The mom of twins has also allegedly tried forcing Rodriguez to get his act together, but he doesn’t listen because he doesn’t like taking orders from women.

However, Lopez is allegedly keen on ending their engagement if Rodriguez won’t do something about his weight.

Gossip Cop has debunked both the tabloid’s claims by saying that Lopez and Rodriguez are not feuding because of the latter’s weight gain.

In fact, the rumor-debunking site reached out to a source for Lopez, who just laughed off the dubious claims made by the tabloid.

Lopez and Rodriguez’s wedding will still push through. However, they still don’t know when.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Lopez revealed that they already postponed their wedding twice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For now, she and Rodriguez are not in a rush to tie the knot. In fact, the couple doesn’t also think that having a big wedding is timely because of what’s going on in the world.