Angelina Jolie has been single since her divorce from Brad Pitt four years ago, and she reportedly likes it this way.

In its December 14 issue, Life & Style claimed that Jolie isn’t really interested in dating right now because of her children.

After all, her three sons are the only guys in her life. And Jolie knows that dating someone would change the dynamics of their family.

However, a source said that this doesn’t mean that Jolie will be single for the rest of her life.

After all, the Maleficent star will allegedly consider dating once her kids are all grown up.

However, regardless of who Jolie ends up dating, the source claimed that the actress would never get married again.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also claimed that many people had shown interest in Jolie after they found out that she and Brad Pitt already filed for divorce.

There are allegedly billionaires and actors who have tried to go out on a date with the mom of six, but she rejected all of them.

The source claimed that Jolie is not really open to dating right now because her kids are still her priority.

In related news, Jolie also made headlines this week after Gossip Cop one story from weeks ago.

Back then, National Enquirer claimed that the Unbroken director was becoming more and more paranoid when it comes to her kids' safety.

Following her former bodyguard’s interview, Jolie is allegedly in constant fear that her kids would get kidnapped.

After all, Mark “Billy” Billingham said that it’s all about the money when it comes to the A-lister.

However, the rumor-debunking site questioned why the tabloid was unable to provide concrete proof that Jolie is becoming increasingly paranoid about the safety of her kids.

Gossip Cop also pointed out that Billingham worked for Jolie while she and Pitt were still together. As such, he no longer has any professional relationship with the actress and her kids.

With this, Billingham couldn’t have possibly been talking about Jolie’s present worries about her kids getting kidnapped.

Rather, the former bodyguard shared what it was like working as security for Jolie and Pitt five years ago.

Gossip Cop also said that Jolie has every right to worry about her kids because she’s a public figure.

However, to say that she’s becoming increasingly paranoid over their safety is just incorrect.