Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been plagued with numerous malicious and slanderous rumors since they started dating in July 2016. Things have gotten worse after the former Suits lead star and the youngest son of Princess Diana tied the knot in 2018. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, then, decided to leave the royal life for good as they, allegedly, do not want Archie to experience the “bullying” and insults they are getting from their critics.

In Touch Magazine, in its December 7, 2020 issue, reported an unnamed source said that the marriage of the Sussex couple is starting to crack as they are having some series issues. It even claimed that the past few months had been a disaster for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, adding that they are at a “breaking point” already.

Here are some of the reasons why the public thinks that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are likely to divorce soon:

1. Prince Harry flew off to England alone.

The sole brother of Prince William, allegedly, had a secret trip to England in June. Reports have it that the Duke of Sussex did it sans Meghan Markle and baby Archie. Woman’s Day Australia claimed that a royal blog first broke the news, which was quickly picked up by other media outlets and was spread on social media, but neither of the lovebirds has confirmed it.

2. Prince Harry is celebrating Christmas with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Rumors are rife that Prince Harry will be coming home soon to celebrate Christmas with the other members of the royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton. In other words, he would not be celebrating the special event with Meghan Markle and baby Archie. The Palace has yet to confirm this claim.

3. Meghan Markle postponed the trial amid alleged marital woes.

Many were shocked when it was announced, in late October, that Meghan Markle requested for the postponement of the trial of her privacy lawsuit against the publisher of a tabloid that publicized portions of a letter she wrote to her father. A British judge granted the 9-month delay. However, it sparked speculations that Meghan could be pregnant with her second baby, or she possibly wants to focus more on her “failing” marriage with Prince Harry.

4. Prince Harry has no green card until now.

In July, a royal source claimed that Prince Harry has made no application for U.S. citizenship despite the claims that the Sussex pair wants to launch themselves in America. Most, if not all, know that the husband of Meghan Markle has to renounce his royal title if he files an application for U.S. citizenship. He, according to reports, could also be drawn into a myriad of taxation issues. This, then, made some experts conclude that it is very unlikely for Prince Harry to apply for a green card in the foreseeable future.

5. Queen Elizabeth wants Prince Harry back in the United Kingdom.

Though Her Majesty supports Prince Harry in his decision to leave the U.K. to live in the U.S. with Meghan Markle and baby Archie, she, allegedly, still does not want her grandson to cut ties with the royal family. Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana’s second son are known to have a close bond, that is why it comes as no surprise if she badly wants Harry to be back. This, according to reports, is one of the biggest obstacles that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are facing at the moment.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to comment on these divorce rumors. Hence, avid followers of the royal couple should take these unverified reports lightly until everything is proven true and correct.