Prince Harry is allegedly feeling lonely in Santa Barbara because he got into a fight with Meghan Markle. And he doesn’t also have a lot of friends in their neighborhood.

As such, Prince Harry has allegedly been making secret phone calls to his dad, Prince Charles.

And the heir to the throne is more than willing to show his youngest son love and support from thousands of miles away.

In its December 7 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Markle has no idea that Prince Harry has been making secret phone calls to his dad. After all, he wouldn’t have allowed her husband to reach out to the heir to the throne or any member of the royal family after they quit in January.

A source told the tabloid that Prince Charles is urging Prince Harry to come home temporarily while he’s sorting things out with his wife.

And the Duke of Sussex is allegedly considering a trip back to the United Kingdom.

The insider also said that if Prince Harry and Markle are unable to sort out their issues, the Duke of Sussex might stay in the United Kingdom for good.

However, the source also said that Prince Harry and Markle’s issues don’t have anything to do with love because the couple loves each other so much. And the Duke of Sussex also wants to try everything to make sure that they can fix their marriage.

One of the options he has is to go to couple’s counseling. But he’s not sure if Markle would want to go with him.

“Harry walked away from everything he ever knew. It would be a tragedy if he ends up regretting it for the rest of his life,” the source said.

However, the tabloid cannot be correct. After all, the Duke of Sussex has not expressed his desire to return home to the United Kingdom anytime soon.

And there’s also no proof that he and Markle are fighting.

In fact, the couple recently showed how united they are when Markle shared that she suffered a miscarriage in July.

In her op-ed piece for the New York Times, the Suits alum said that Prince Harry was with her through it all.

During an interview with True Royalty TV, royal author Katie Nicholl revealed that Prince Harry was the one that encouraged Markle to talk about the miscarriage.

Archie’s dad reportedly told his wife that they might be able to help others who are also going through the same thing if they shared their experience.