Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer return to Frogmore Cottage.

In its December 14 issue, Globe claimed that this is the couple’s final blow to Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Harry and Markle decided not to inform the queen about their plans to hand over the keys to Princess Eugenie because they’re allegedly trying to send her a message.

Since the movers got rid of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s stuff at Frogmore Cottage late at night, the tabloid claimed that this was their way of indirectly telling everyone that they won’t come home ever.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry and Markle have once again hurt the queen’s feelings because she gave Frogmore Cottage to them as a wedding gift.

According to the source, Markle has managed to tear the royal family apart. And she’s once again telling everyone that she and Prince Harry are on their own.

The insider also claimed that Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank would become permanent residents at Frogmore Cottage. And Prince Harry and Markle’s permanent home is in Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, the tabloid also claimed that Prince Harry decided to give Frogmore Cottage to his cousin after the queen and the royal family snubbed him.

Last month, the Duke of Sussex made headlines after People reported that he asked if he could lay a wreath at the cenotaph. However, the queen reportedly denied Prince Harry’s request.

Following the snub, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex allegedly decided to cut ties with the royal family. And giving Frogmore Cottage away is allegedly seen as another slap in the queen’s face.

The source said that this is proof that bad blood runs deeper and hotter than anyone ever imagined between the Sussexes and the royal family.

However, the tabloid’s claims are false. Prince Harry and Markle are just renting Frogmore Cottage out to Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank.

The Sussexes didn’t give Frogmore Cottage to the couple for good.

It is also not true that Prince Harry and Markle have no plans to return to the United Kingdom because they no longer have a home there.

In fact, they have agreed to share Frogmore Cottage with Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank every time they’re in the UK.

On his Twitter account, Finding Freedom author said that the couple loaned Frogmore Cottage to Princess Eugenie because she will soon give birth to her first child.

But, they will also stay at Frogmore Cottage with the couple during their visits.