Film and entertainment industries around the world are constantly adjusting to the global coronavirus pandemic, with the latest adjustment being the news that Wonder Woman 1984 may be available on video-on-demand services in the United Kingdom after just a month in theaters.

Variety reports that there are talks between Warner Bros. and pay-TV company Sky regarding Wonder Woman 1984’s potential release on Sky’s premium video-on-demand (PVOD) service, just after spending a month in theaters in the United Kingdom.

If talks between Warner Bros. and Sky succeed, Wonder Woman 1984 would be available for purchase on Sky Store or viewed by audiences through the Sky Cinema movie service. Before this potential arrangement, movies used to play in cinemas for four months before they could be shown in PVOD services. 

This possible arrangement comes after confirmation from Warner Bros. that Wonder Woman 1984 will be premiering in the United Kingdom on Dec. 16. NME reports that cinemas in the United Kingdom will be exclusively screening the movie on that date.

Before this confirmation, Warner Bros. had constantly postponed the Wonder Woman 1984 premiere due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The movie has already been moved twice, first from June to August, then October, before a Christmas Day premiere was set.

The one-month exclusivity for theaters is different from Warner Bros. strategy in the United States, where Wonder Woman 1984 will be released simultaneously on HBO Max and cinemas.

HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on their accounts without having to pay extra. The move to forego theater exclusivity, according to Warner Bros., was to allow audiences unable to go to theaters to still see the film.

Simultaneously, choosing to still screen Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters despite widespread closures is a way to help out the exhibition industry, said Warner Bros. Movie theater owners around the country had been especially hurt by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Disney earlier used a version of this hybrid release for Mulan. The movie was screened in countries that had already reopened its theaters, while audiences in the United States could watch it via the streaming service Disney+ at an additional cost of $29.99.

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world, it looks like these hybrid releases will be the new normal for blockbusters. As of the Dec. 2 update from the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 dashboard, there are now 63,360,234 confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world. Deaths caused by COVID-19 worldwide are now at 1,475,825 people.