Prince Andrew is, allegedly, ready to talk and he’s not holding anything back.

According to National Enquirer, Prince Andrew is even willing to expose the dirt on Ghislaine Maxwell if this means he would be cleared from any conviction.

Last year, reports claimed that Prince Andrew sexually abused underage girls. And at least one of them, Virginia Giuffre Roberts has come forward.

Shortly after Roberts’ allegations became public, Prince Andrew denied getting involved with her. He also downplayed his close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

But a source told the tabloid that all this could change after Prince Andrew signed a secret immunity deal, which will not only clear his name but will pave the way for him to expose the truth without any sanction.

The insider said that Prince Andrew will talk about the sex trafficking that he witnessed while he was at Epstein’s house. And he will also namedrop the names of A-listers that he saw with the late sex abuser.

The Duke of York will also reveal the real role of Maxwell in all the sexual abuse allegations being thrown around.

According to the tabloid, Prince Andrew is confident that after his name is cleared, he would have the opportunity to return to the royal fold.

In fact, the insider said that the dad of two wants to return to his royal duties so badly that he’s willing to do anything.

Earlier this month, rumors swirled that Prince Andrew spoke to Queen Elizabeth about the possibility of returning to his royal duties.

According to the New York Post, all signs are leading to the possibility that the Duke of York asked the queen if she would welcome her back.

Shortly after, Life & Style claimed that Prince Andrew’s request wasn’t granted by the queen because of Prince Charles.

The heir to the throne, allegedly, urged his mom to ban Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband from returning to his royal duties.

To make things worse, Prince Charles also banned his younger brother from ever stepping foot in Buckingham Palace.

 A source for the tabloid claimed that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are still at odds with each other.

After all, Prince Charles believes that Prince Andrew is a disgrace to the royal family’s name.

Prince Andrew, on the other hand, has been upset with his brother since they were kids. And royal experts claimed that this is the usual case between the royal heir and the royal spare.