Dwayne Johnson seemed to be celebrating Thanksgiving in many ways, and one of them is watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yes, the 48-year-old actor released a larger than life balloon floating during a commercial for NBC Universal's upcoming series, Young Rock.

The balloon featured everything that is considered to be the iconic look of the former wrestler, from his haircut to fanny pack to his heavy necklace chain. NBC grabbed the opportunity to promote the upcoming series slated for February 2021, Young Rock and said wrote on social media that they know "how to do it big."

It's been years that the actor had charmed his fans with his old wrestling days. It seems most Americans were taken to a nostalgic ride as soon as she saw the giant balloon during the commercial. While the actor had portrayed many memorable roles in his career so far, it would have been challenging for the studio to decide the image for creating the immortalize balloon.

However, fans accepted the perfect call of the creative team for choosing such an iconic image of the superstar from his wrestling days. There are no second thoughts that Johnson is one of the most bankable stars at the moment.

As per the reports, the actor has asked for more money compared to Vin Diesel for Hobbs & Shaw 2. It is worth noting that the actor has been crowned as the highest-paid actor in Hollywood as he earned over $87 million in 2019.

However, the actor's upcoming series will reflect the young Johnson and it has already started filming in Australia. The sitcom features Uli Latukefu and Bradley Constant, who will be portraying 15-year-old Johnson.

On the other hand, Latukefu will play the young adult version of Johnson. Although the series's release date is not confirmed yet, the 11-episode series is expected to drop in the second month of 2021. Young Rock is produced by Johnson and helmed by Nahnatchkhan Khan.

The actor took his Instagram to reveal some back story of the balloon's iconic image. Johnson said that even in his wildest dreams, he would not have imagined his career will reach new heights. He recalled that the fanny pack had only $7 USD at that time, but he was glad to have a turtleneck along with some fake jewelry.

"And my massive plucked raised eyebrow is the stuff that dreams (and nightmares) are made of... Float on, kid.. you might just make it one day," he added.