Angelina Jolie might be tied up with her upcoming directorial venture, but that does not mean she has no time for her kids. Jolie was seen with her daughter Vivienne shopping this Monday in Glendale, CA. 

Jolie is all set to direct a biopic called Unreasonable Behaviour. The film revolves around Don McCullin, a famous British war photographer, and is based on his biography, 

Gregory Burke, a BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, has been hired for writing the film’s screenplay. According to Deadline, the film will cover the photographer's journey from a war-devastated London to some of the riskiest war zones in the world

However, despite her tight and hectic schedule, the mom-of-six took out time to go out with her 12-year-old daughter Vivienne for a shopping spree. Jolie was dressed simply, and yet she looked stunning as always in a neutral-toned dress, which she wore with a black coat. 

According to Daily Mail, the Girl Interrupted star’s hair was parted in the center and was left straight and loose. Meanwhile, Vivienne wore a t-shirt in the same color as her dress along with a pair of denim jeans. 

Both the mother and the daughter covered their face with a mask, following the protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brad Pitt and Jolie shared six children and were briefly married for two years. They have been legally declared as singles by the court in 2019.

The duo met first on the thriller Mr. And Mrs. Smith's set but was noncommittal about their romance until 2005. Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were still a married couple then. 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, reportedly, split after the former had an altercation with their eldest son Maddox inside a private jet. However, the estranged couple has not confirmed this to be the reason for their split.

Their divorce proceedings are still continuing and both sides have been quite aggressive in the court. Jolie had filed a petition for the ouster of their judge John W Ouderkirk. She insisted that his professional linkups with Pitt’s legal team could make him biased. 

However, according to People Magazine, the Supreme Court of California dismissed her plea, which means Ouderkirk will continue to oversee their case. The court declared that the petition was “untimely.” It also felt that the judge had divulged his association with the law firm representing the Troy Actor prior to overseeing their case. 

While the court battle still continues, Angelina Jolie has been concentrating on her career, humanitarian work, and the kids.