Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth are very close. And according to reports, the Duke of York has been vocal about his dislike for his older brother.

A source recently revealed that Prince Andrew is opposed to Prince Charles ascending to the throne. And he’s made his feelings known to Her Majesty.

The Duke of York also, reportedly, dislikes Prince Charles’ rule about slimming down the monarchy because it means that only his immediate family will become frontrunners.

According to the other reports, the feud between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew started when they were young and it is the usual case of the heir and the spare.

And as they got older, the royal siblings’ relationship didn’t improve. In fact, Prince Charles was, reportedly, enraged when he found out about Prince Andrew’s interview last year.

A source close to Prince Charles said that he set up a meeting to talk to Prince Andrew about it face to face.

The insider said that the heir to the throne was furious at his younger brother because he feels that Prince Andrew let the royal family down.

And the fact that Prince Andrew misled the queen with the interview didn’t help improve his relationship with Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Life & Style recently claimed that Prince Charles still doesn’t want to have anything to do with Prince Andrew.

In fact, when the dad of two asked the future king for financial support, he refused to help him out.

Now, Prince Andrew is struggling financially, and he’s been asking for help from his friends. One of them, allegedly, offered him a secretarial job that will pay him $67,000 per annum.

A source for the tabloid also claimed that Prince Charles asked the queen to ban Prince Andrew from attending this year’s Christmas celebrations in Sandringham.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s dad also, allegedly, asked Her Majesty to freeze her favorite son out completely because he’s been a disgrace to the royal family.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide proof to support their claims. After all, the royal family hasn’t shared their plans for the holidays this year. 

And it’s possible for Prince Charles to not also celebrate Christmas in Sandringham next month due to COVID-19. Since he’s already in his 70s and the queen is in her 90s, they’re at high-risk for the deadly virus.

Prince Charles and Prince William already tested positive for coronavirus in March and April, respectively.