Catherine Zeta-Jones apparently is not liking how husband Michael Douglas is looking these days, and according to gossip site Globe, the actress has ordered her husband to get a face-lift to look better.

Apparently, the ‘Zorro’ star has been demanding for her husband to go under the knife once again, after she, reportedly, ‘misses’ the silver fox she married 20 years ago.

A source close to the actress shared the news that Douglas has been going under the knife due to Jones's requests, but now she is telling him to do it and not asking anymore.

“He’s had facelifts before, but they’ve worn off, and he looks terrible. His jowls are loose, his cheeks look sunken, and his earlobes are droopy, which all spell YUCK to Catherine,” the source shared.

Catherine further complained that she was getting ‘turned off’ by her husband's‘ jowly’ and ageing look and preferred him to be ‘pulled together’ especially if he wants to be romantic towards her.

According to the insider, Michael Douglas has let himself go during the pandemic, and while in lockdown, he has been very laxed about trimming his hair and beard and generally taking care of himself.

On the other hand, Catherina Zeta-Jones tried to be always presentable and make sure she maintains a high standard of beauty.

Furthermore, Michael is well aware that he has let himself go during the pandemic and claims that Douglas was willing to do whatever to keep Catherine happy.

Although the ‘Fatal Attraction’ star does look older in his most recent social media posts. The actor still looks pretty good for his age, his long hair suits his face, and his wrinkles are a sign that everyone ages, even those who have time and money to get their faced fix!

Gossipcop debunks this rumor from Globe as they reveal that Jones is a very pleasing and loving wife and most likely does not care how Douglas wears his hair or his facial beard.

With the pandemic going, it is the least likely thing that the pair would worry about. Their 25-year age gap has never been a problem for the two as they have been together for decades and share several children together.

Globe is also notorious for publishing false claims, and they even reported in the past that Catherine and Michael’s marriage was on the rocks.

These claims were not true, and the two’s relationship is only growing strong together through time.