The British monarchy has been an institution that has flourished for hundreds of years, and as time goes by, changes have been made in its wake. But there are certain rules and actions that have been embedded in the family for centuries, and having someone break that mold is often not welcomed.

Prince Philip’s relationship with Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has been observed to be in a very good state. This is often noted in public appearance made by the royal family.

Apparently, Philip favors the Duchess of Cambridge over the Duchess of Sussex for one reason, and that is because Kate is more ‘old-fashioned’ than Meghan Markle.

“On a personal level, there is an old-fashioned-ness to Philip. A man’s man, stiff upper lip, always intact with all the foibles afforded to men in the British aristocracy,” journalist Juliet Rieden writes.

Prince Philip was born into royalty with the title of Prince of Greece and Denmark and has lived all his life in an old-fashioned, classic constitution of Monarchy.

Kate Middleton’s royal actions have been largely different from Meghan Markle’s approach with the firm and the late Princess Diana. She is more old-fashioned, according to royal author Ingrid Seward, and Prince Philip greatly appreciates this.

Furthermore, Kate’s presence has been a breath of fresh air for the royals Seward reveals. After years of scandals from the royal wives, such as Diana and Sarah Ferguson, Kate’s quiet and reserved attitude has greatly been favored by the royal firm.

It is rumored as well that the Queen herself is very taken by the Duchess of Cambridge’s evolution as a royal. To say the least, the once commoner girl has bloomed into a royal with a Queenly charm.

She is also regarded not only for her high approval from the senior royals but also as a mother and a wife.

Prince Philip believes that the Duchess will be more than stellar as a support system to Prince William and as her Queen Consort in the future.

The Duchess of Sussex has fallen out of favor from Prince Philip due to her more than ‘woke’ views on the world. Despite Meghan adding a more progressive picture in the royal firm, this was not enough for Prince Philip to approve of her.

Kate Middleton stays on being more popular than Meghan Markle both in the UK as well as on the world stage.