Cameron Diaz welcomed a baby girl earlier this year, Raddix Madden. While there are babies who depend on pureed baby meals, then there the 48-year-old actress' bundle of joy who has a different meal plan.

The actress recently appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and the preview of the show revealed details of her baby's eating habits. The actress went on to explain that she made every single food item in the first four months of Raddix's birth, which mostly went under quarantine.

The actress further said that she loves to cook and that's how she shows her love towards her family. She noted previously she used to cook for her husband, Benji Madden, and now, she prepares food for the new member of the family.

Diaz noted that making food for the little one turns out to be an incredible experience for her. The actress said that she makes sure that her daughter doesn't become fussy about food and that's the reason she cooks food that can be eaten by her and the 41-year-old musician.

The What Happens in Vegas star said that she ensures there is no bland food prepared for her separately; instead, she adds garlic, spices, and herbs while cooking for her daughter. The mother of one confirmed that her daughter never depends on puree and she never made any pureed meal for her.

In fact, she adds garlic to her food since day one. Diaz clarified one thing that her daughter is having all sorts of healthy food. The People's Choice Award winner further disclosed that her daughter loves to eat liver and bone marrow.

Many celebrities amid quarantine took cooking as a new hobby, while Diaz said that she loves cooking as it is her love language. She also revealed how the ongoing pandemic has worked in her favor to keep her family close to her.

"The best part of it for having to stay within our little bubble within this COVID situation is that her dad, my husband Benji, he gets to be home," she said. The actress appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers virtually and said that her husband is working from home.

Diaz explained that she is glad that her husband can also spend time with Raddix due to lockdown. She admitted that before COVID-19, he would work all day and couldn't spend much time with the family. The actress recalled that she never wanted to do acting.