Katie Holmes is fiercely protective of her privacy. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why a certain outlet insisted that she was hitting bankruptcy a year ago. 

The report alleged that the Batman Begins actress was facing a financial crisis and had problems with even meeting her day-to-day expenses. It also insinuated that her career was not doing well.

The magazine wanted its readers to believe that the Dawson’s Creek alum’s living expenses were more than what she had been earning. It even suggested that she wanted to raise her rates for appearing on red carpet events. 

However, contrary to what the magazine would like people to believe, it is likely that Holmes gets a monthly paycheck from her former husband, Tom Cruise. The report also contradicts itself as it mentioned that the actress has around $10million in her bank. 

It tried to portray that Holmes was without any work, which is not true. The actress earns handsome paychecks from her various endorsements (via Gossip Cop). Also, it is not as if she is not acting in any films. 

For the universe, the actress’s latest film, The Secret: Dare to Dream has released this year. Based on Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 bestseller The Secret, the film stars Holmes and Josh Lucas in the lead roles. 

Veteran director Andy Tennant has directed this film, where Holms portrays the role of a young widow called Miranda Wells. It shows how her life transforms after she meets Lucas’ character in the film Bray Johnson (via Republic World).

Despite her busy modeling and acting career, Holmes makes it a point to spend quality time with her 14-year-old daughter Suri Cruise. The duo was spotted enjoying a walk this Friday after collecting some lunch from a restaurant. 

The Jack and Jill actress looked chic as always in her cashmere coat and she was seen hugging her daughter. Meanwhile, Holmes has been grabbing headlines for her alleged romance with Emilio Vitolo Jr. these days. 

The pair are said to be completely smitten with each other and have had no qualms about exchanging PDAs during their dates. Reports have it that Katie Holmes’ boyfriend treats her like a “princess.”

Sources claim that she is happy to have met a kind-hearted and simple man for whom happiness is more important than being famous and rich (via Daily Mail). The 41-year-old actress was, reportedly, dating actor Jamie Foxx before being in a relationship with the 33-year-old celebrity chef. 

Although the couple started dating a few months ago, Katie Holmes has not yet confirmed to the world about her romance.