Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion, sizzles the cold breeze of November with his new music pieces.

Body music video graced by famous personalities

Amid the cold fall nights, in preparation for the winter season, female rapper Megan Thee Stallion drops the very Good News her fans have been waiting. With that said, according to Hollywood Life, Megan returns to the music spotlight with her debut studio album and new music video entries.

One music video that indeed marks her comeback is for the track called Body. And it just does not give prominence to Megan's hot body, but also the bodies of the entertainment industry's chics. Famous names join Megan in the music video, including Empire star Taraji P. Henson, who graced the video with sophistication.

The 50-year-old actress walks down a set of runway in a red wig while donning a leather bodysuit. Joining the 25-year-old Megan and Taraji is 23-year-old Kardashian's rival Jordyn Wood, Asian Da brat, and 32-year-old Blac Chyna.

Fans were stunned to see Jordyn in the music video, considering Kylie Jenner, Jordyn's ex-best friend, appeared on WAP's music video. However, Jordyn is a close pal to Megan as they began their friendship after Jordyn's scandal with Tristan Thompson.

At a different angle, Megan was with Kylie the same night she accused rapper Tory Lanez of shooting her in July. The incident happened after Megan attended Kylie's pool party, where the female rapper took several videos of them together.

Megan also seems to tell the story of the shooting incident in a different track of her new album Good News.

Hot Girl Meg proves the body is a wonderland

The music video for Body dropped on November 20 (Friday). Colin Tilley helmed the sultry music video, showcasing Megan's celebration of femininity alongside a set of backup dancers.

"You're going to see all body shapes, a lot of strong women doing the damn thing," Megan said, as reported by NME"Just being confident and owning their bodies and their sexuality," she added.

In an NPR report, the music video for Body sees visuals for the "budding twerk anthem," uplifting a woman's body. The music video is a head-turner, with Megan wearing a black see-through outfit that covers half of her face.

On top of that, the Savage rapper donned various outfits that show her sexiness. That said, the rapper proves that despite the agitating happening in her life, being happy with one's body should always be on the top list.

Watch the music video for Body below!