BTS has arrived!

BTS's self-curated album dropped today

The world's most phenomenal K-pop group, hailed from Big Hit Entertainment, dropped its much-awaited new album entitled BE. The said album is categorized as a Korean language record collection and is a deluxe edition.

Just hours before the official release of BE, the Bangtan Boys, famously known as BTS, hosted a live countdown on Youtube. As the band anticipates the album together with their beloved fans, Suga was not able to attend.

It was previously announced that the rapper would not be able to participate in the promotional activities of BE due to his newly-operated shoulders. However, despite the absence of Suga, the remaining members' RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook. V, and Jin, made the live countdown worth the while.

In the live streaming session, the BTS members connected with their fans by expressing their words of gratefulness. Moreover, the group sincerely thanked all their fans, who call themselves ARMY, for the undying support.

"The name 'Be' is verb, it is a very open concept," Jimin said, who acts as the album's project manager. "In our discussions' life goes on' came up as a recurring idea," the Filter singer added, as quoted by Variety.

Life Goes On comes along with the album's release

In a Soompi report, at 2 P.M. KST today, Nov. 20 (Friday), BE made its way to the global music stage as it became available on various music streaming platforms worldwide. The official release comes in handy with the music video of Life Goes On, the band's newest single.

According to NME, the music video was helmed by the band's maknae, Jungkook. With that, the music video kicked off with individual shots of each member, including Suga. Indeed, the Euphoria singer now turned director showcased the possibilities of being happy despite difficulties in life.

Furthermore, the music video is different from the group's previous entries, as they were not dancing. The mesmerizing and homey vibe brought by the cozy music video tells the story of how a pandemic is not a hindrance to enjoying life at its finest.

The music video has over 29 million views as of this writing, vying another record in the streaming platform. It was uploaded on Big Hit Labels' official Youtube channel that lasts for 3:35 minutes.

As per Mashable, the music video and the track Life Goes On is a reminder that even though things might get tough, getting through it is available for enjoyment at the end of the tunnel.