Prince Harry was recently praised for his silent efforts to distribute food to those in need. According to New Idea, Prince Harry joined the Walker Family Events Foundation (WFEF) in distributing food in downtown Los Angeles.

Photos of the Duke of Sussex wearing casual attire and mask while helping other volunteers surfaced online this week.

A spokesperson for the charity shared one of Prince Harry’s photos and said that he was very humble and kind. The Duke of Sussex reportedly participated in the Operation Nourish program.

Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle didn’t join him in his volunteer work. But it was also evident that the Duke of Sussex didn’t bring photographers with him to capture his efforts while distributing food to those in need.

Royal fans were quick to say that Prince Harry was not after the publicity that he could’ve otherwise received. They also praised him for helping military families in any way that he can.

Last week, Prince Harry and Markle were accused of engaging in a shameless publicity stunt after they asked a celebrity fashion photographer to take their photos during their visit to the Los Angeles Cemetery.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the cemetery to pay their respects to military personnel who have died while serving the country.

Days later, Prince Harry and Markle faced another backlash after royal experts criticized them for teaming up with Netflix.

Following the premiere of The Crown Season 4, royal fans questioned the couple’s decision to team up with the company that exploited Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s story.

However, The Crown star Emma Corrin, who plays the role of Princess Diana, reminded viewers that the series is a work of fiction. She said that even though some storylines have roots in facts, the series, in general, is still not based on real-life events.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry also made headlines today after royal experts encouraged him to speak up on the ongoing investigations into Princess Diana’s Panorama interview.

While speaking with Express, royal expert Ingrid Seward said that Prince Harry’s silence on the matter speaks volumes. After all, he’s known for sharing his opinion on almost everything.

Seward also encouraged the Duke of Sussex to man up and forget his ongoing rift with Prince William. After all, it’s possible that he’s staying mum on the investigations because the Duke of Cambridge has already released a statement about it.

Prince William recently said that the investigation is a step in the right direction.