Queen Elizabeth recently stepped out in public wearing a mask for the first time ever.

Her Majesty donned an all-black ensemble when she visited the grave of the Unknown Warrior on the 100th anniversary of the burial in London.

The next day, a private Remembrance Day ceremony was held. But the queen attended the event without her mask on.

Last month, the monarch was slammed for not following the health orders in the United Kingdom and the entire world.

She and Prince William attended an engagement together and both of them didn’t wear masks.

But a palace spokesperson immediately came to the queen’s defense. They said that the decision for the queen to attend the engagement without a mask was decided by her medical team.

The spokesperson also said that all necessary precautions were taken before the queen stepped out in public.

According to Express, royal reporter Chris Ship also confirmed that all staff that joined the queen underwent COVID-19 tests, and their results all came back negative.

Following the outing, royal commentator Joe Little told The Herald that the queen attending her first royal engagement after the lockdown shows the life can continue during the pandemic.

However, necessary precautions still need to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety and security.

The queen and her husband, Prince Philip never contracted the virus. But in March, Clarence House announced that Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the spokesperson, they cannot say exactly how and from who Prince Charles got the deadly virus. But they assured royal fans that Prince Charles was still in good health even after the diagnosis.

Weeks later, Prince William also tested positive for COVID-19. But it was only this month that his diagnosis was shared with the public.

According to The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge experienced shortness of breath.

A source told the publication that Prince William’s diagnosis wasn’t kept a secret from the royal family. In fact, his grandmother was extremely worried about him after learning that he tested positive.

However, Prince William and the royal family decided to keep his diagnosis a secret from the public because they didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to the second in line to the throne.

The Duke of Cambridge has also recovered completely from the virus. And even while he was still in his 14-day quarantine period, he already went back to work from the comfort of his home.