Courteney Cox took her Instagram to address the angry fans on Nov. 19 after the horror series fifth installment's title was announced as Scream. While fans were not happy with the title, the 56-year-old actress explained that the title had been kept similar to the first installment of the film series to honor Wes Craven.

The filmmaker passed away in 2015 because of a brain tumor, and his last movie was Scream's fourth installment. Recently, the production work of the forthcoming Scream franchise came to an end and Cox took the opportunity to share a bunch of pictures to celebrate the wrap.

The pictures' slideshow began with a picture of Cox and Craven, who made the long-running horror franchise possible. The acclaimed filmmaker could be seen sitting on a chair while the former Friends star dons a red jacket as she sweetly hugs him for the picture.

The photo gallery further included pictures of her latest pictures from the upcoming movie and behind the scene footage. The actress captioned the post informing the fans that it is a wrap. She recalled that the franchise begins 25 years ago and after coming back on the sets of this comedy horror franchise.

Cox further said that she wasn't sure about what to expect, but eventually, she found great cast members to work with and praised two other directors. She concluded her message by thanking the late director and said that he would be extremely proud of the new team.

She also tagged Kevin Williamson, who worked as a screenwriter for the first, second, and fourth installments. The pictures featured Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, who served as directors of the movie along with Williamson and Neve Campell.

While Craven had successfully created the franchise in 1996, there are many other acclaimed movies in his credit, such as The People Under The Stairs released in 1991, A Nightmare On Elm Street released in 1984, The Hills Have Eyes in 1977, and The Last House On The Left, which released in 1972.

Meanwhile, during the Halloween celebration, the actress had Scream's popular Ghost face mask on her head. She pretended to get herself the same bangs from Scream's third installment released in 2000. Moreover, Cox's ex-husband David Arquette will return to the franchise.

The 49-year-old actor was married to Cox for twelve years. The fifth installment is slated to release in the first month of 2022, while due to the pandemic, the release date might change further.