Although she won't be calling Mark Bontempo her boyfriend anymore, JoJo Siwa has made it clear that she will not approve of defamatory comments against him. This also coincides with her reputation for being an anti-bullying advocate.

Siwa even debunked rumors suggesting that she and her ex-boyfriend ended things on bad terms. Siwa continues to garner popularity after first rising to stardom after being cast on the hit Lifetime reality TV show, Dance Moms.

She then left Dance Moms to work with Nickelodeon, which led to a myriad of opportunities such as a TV show and a merchandising deal. Siwa didn't stop making videos and music for her popular YouTube channel called, Its JoJo Siwa, which has 12 million subscribers despite her busy schedule.

Although Siwa has accomplished a lot of success professionally, her fans are more invested in her personal life. Her fans were interested in everything she does. In fact, she was trending for doing something as simple as changing her hairstyle. Her fans and social media followers are particularly interested in her dating life.

In June, her fans speculated that Siwa was dating Elliot Brown, but she squashed those rumors by revealing Bontempo as her boyfriend in Aug. this year. The pair went public about their relationship via a TikTok video and received a lot of support, per Entertainment Times.

Much to the chagrin of her fans, it looks like Siwa and Bontempo are no longer an item. Some of Siwa's social media followers started posting negative comments on Bontempo's account, leaving Siwa no choice but to respond to an Instagram comment, which has been reposted by @tiktokroom.

Aside from confirming their split, the "It’s Christmas Now" singer made it clear that there was no drama and asked her fans to be kind to him. In her response, she noted that Mark doesn't deserve hateful things but deserves to have people support him.

Siwa said her fans have no idea about their relationship and how much it was. She went on to say that we're happy while they were dating and are happy even now. Siwa said they realized it was best for them not to be in a relationship, but they are still friends, and they have each other's backs.

She said Mark isn't toxic, and since they are just teenagers, it is understandable that their relationship didn't work. Siwa also clarified that neither he nor she did anything wrong but just felt they were better off as friends. "Relax," she wrote at the end of the message. Share your thoughts about Siwa and Mark's breakup in the comments section below.