The royal family rarely gets involved in matters that do not comply with their strict rules and regulations. But in the past few weeks, in a bid to protect the late Princess Diana’s name, his son Prince William has spoken up about the ongoing BBC Panorama interview investigation.

In the past weeks, Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, has questioned the BBC’s involvement with the infamous Panorama interview by Martin Bashir.

Allegations of host Martin Bashir presenting both him and the late Princess of Wales fake bank statements to win their trust and allow him for an exclusive interview has surfaced.

Now, Prince William, the eldest of the two sons of Princess Diana, has issued a statement regarding the ongoing investigation launched by BBC.

The Prince released the following statement to People, “The independent investigation is a step in the right direction. It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview”.

Furthermore, the Duke of Cambridge believes that this will shed light on the BBC's involvement with the interview.

Last Wednesday, BBC announced that they had hired former British Supreme Court Judge John Dyson, Lord Dyson, to be the lead investigator of the Diana interview.

BBC has also issued a statement regarding this issue, with its Director-General, Tim Davie, claiming that they are determined to find out the truth that led to these events.

Lord Dyson also revealed his sentiments and promised a quick start on the investigation, which will be ‘fair and thorough.’

In the Panorama interview, Princess Diana got very candid about her life as a royal and her marriage to Prince Charles.

The interview was dubbed as one of the most shocking tell-all sit down during that time. The royal family’s popularity decreased immediately right after the interview was aired, leading them to further ridicule Princess Diana’s actions.

In 1995, Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s marriage was hanging by a thread, and Diana exposed the nuances that she experienced while being married to the heir apparent.

A year later, their divorce was settled and Princess Diana was a free woman. But there were several sanctions imposed on Diana, including the right to see her two children.

The late Princess was hardly in London after the interview and her divorce. Two years after the shocking Panorama interview, the Princess passed away from a freak car accident in a tunnel in Paris.

Prince William is said to be closely watching the development of this story.