Former model now turned chart-topping female rapper Iggy Azalea explains why only a few individuals can call her by her real name—Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

Iggy Azalea only allows a select group

“Only a VERY select group of people in my life are allowed to call me Amethyst,” the 30-year-old rapper tweeted. As per Hollywood Life, Iggy tweeted the cryptic statement on Nov. 17, alongside a second tweet that says if she allows that person to call her by her real name, one is elite.

The Black Widow rapper further stated that for one to call her Amethyst, she should know that person well, like “know-know.” The “know” Iggy meant is the level of acquaintance like she has with her mama, that kind of level that knows her deep secrets.

Iggy Azalea is the combination of her childhood god names Iggy Pop and the street where her family lives, Azalea Street. The rapper explained how she came up with her stage name in 2014 via a video on Vevo.

Who are the elite people?

A puzzled fan questioned Iggy on who the selected people can call her by her real name; the rapper quickly answered that 99% of the people in her life call her Iggy, and she is okay with that. Moreover, she revealed that only 1% of the “people” call her by Amethyst, and it brings a different cozy feeling if they do so, per E!

As questions about her circle that can call her Amethyst, the rapper made clear that only a minimal number of people can call her Amethyst, and the rest call her Iggy.

Her thought is that real names are personal, and she does not want strangers to use her name when talking about not lovely things. The rapper expressed that she only wants the vibe. She added that she does not mind when people call her by her stage name because she hates it every time people outside her 1% tag her as Amethyst.

Furthermore, as Celebrity Nine reported, she dislikes every time people tend to input negative energy into her private persona. She wants to put a firm boundary between her career and personal life.

Also, in recent news, Iggy has been straightforward in responding to Twitter questions by fans. Earlier in November, she buzzed when she shared how she lost massive weight after giving birth to her son named Onyx in March.

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