Amid the massive loss rapper Kanye West bagged at the recently concluded US presidential election, he goes on with his campaign with hopes of fulfilling it in 2024.

Kanye West is ready to hail Kim Kardashian as First Lady

The 2024 US presidential election will go its rounds again with the aspiring president Kanye. Fresh from his emotional river of tears at one of his official campaign rallies, where he expressed to be a better candidate in 2024, he feels like he is the rightful owner of the position.

The rapper promises to fulfill his swear to play more organized and equipped when the time comes, as he is the proclaimed leader of the free world.

Moreover, the rapper-designer expresses his insights into how his beloved wife, Kim Kardashian, can smash the First Lady's throne as it fits her the best. Hollywood Life exclusively spoke with a credible source, revealing, "Kanye will be involved in the election in 2024, he wants to be all over it."

The Yeezy designer dreams and thinks of how Kim can nail as an amazing First Lady. The source added that Kanye and Kim would continue to plan his upcoming candidacy, as they have four long years to do so.

Kanye will continue his campaign and what he is fighting for even though many see it as a mere joke. He is slated to utilize the next four years as he builds a game plan that can make his dream become a reality in 2024, as reported by Washingtonian.

Celebrities react to Kanye West's presidential candidacy

Multiple celebrities think of Kanye as a joke as they express their thought on the matter. With his enticing campaign slogan #2020VISION, the rapper was ridiculed by prominent actress and FRIENDS star Jennifer Anniston. The actress blurted out that voting for Kanye is not a joke, as it shows irresponsibility.

On the other hand, Jamie Fox tagged Kanye as a "clown" for being naïve in getting in the way of the tight fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

All of the ridicules Kanye received may seem to be the reason why he cried like a baby during a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, on July 19. At that time, Kanye revealed for the first time that he wanted to abort North West and that it would be alright if his wife would divorce him because of his revelation.