After Positions, Ariana Grande, 27, unveiled another music video entry for 34+35. It tells the story of a fembot that comes back to life over Ariana's mesmerizing vocals.

Ariana Grande goes all out

According to Hollywood Life, Ariana's 34+35 might dethrone the outwardly provoking concept for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's WAP. The "joyfully filthy song" is considered on the 2020's best, marking the second music video from the singer's newest album.

On Nov. 17 (Tuesday), the One Last Time singer released the said music video, fresh from her newly released album entitled Positions. The music video emerges the concepts of chemistry and s*x as it took inspiration from FrankensteinThe Wizard Of Oz, and Metropolis.

Moreover, the music video kicks off with the Scream Queens songstress leading an ensemble of scientists aiming to bring the robot version of Ariana to life, according to Vogue. Eventually, the music video went on with Ariana's robot emerging from a deep sleep, resembling scenes from Austin Powers.

On Nov. 14, three days before the music video's release, Ariana stormed over her Instagram account, per The Blast. Dropping the short and enticing teaser showcases the music video's scenes where scientists, Ariana's team, donned laboratory coats and foot apparel that hail them as sultry strippers.

The teaser becomes more enthralling when a "COMING SOON" writing appears on the screen as if it is like a trailer of a horror film. Having that said, when the music video showed sultry concepts, while Ariana sings of more fully-pledged lyricism.

Here is what Ariana's take about 34+35

Amid the talks caused by the music video, Ariana refers to 34+35 as "ridiculous." She made the revelation on The Zach Sang Show, where she guested and said this bit: "It came up a total joke. Then, I became – I fell in love with it."

She added that the song is funny, but at the same time, it is stu**d. She also said that she had much fun writing the music's revealing lyrics alongside songwriter Scott Nicholson. Tayla and Victoria then helped her write the bridge part, and it was even more fun.

She also revealed the lyrics where she sang about earthquakes inspired by the 4.5 magnitude earth shake in September. Furthermore, Ariana's cheeky revelation is that she had to hide the song when her mother barged in the studio.

The song's title speaks so much of the song's concept, making the fans go crazy with Ariana's filthy artistry.