Prince Harry is allegedly at his wit’s end amid all the criticisms that he and Meghan Markle continue to receive.

One of the reasons why Prince Harry and Markle quit The Firm was because they wanted to do things on their own terms. The couple also wanted to lead a more private life away from the media.

However, this hasn’t been a reality because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to make public appearances.

Last Sunday, they made headlines for laying flowers and a wreath at the Los Angeles National Cemetery. Even though Prince Harry just wanted to honor the fallen soldiers, his and Markle’s decision to bring a celebrity photographer to the cemetery was welcomed with criticisms.

Prince Harry and Markle were accused of using their recent trip to the cemetery as a publicity stunt. And after hearing the criticisms, Heat claimed that Prince Harry is at his tipping point.

A source told the tabloid that the Duke of Sussex is desperate for all the negative to end. After all, he feels as though he’s sentenced to a lifetime of punishment just for following his heart.

Gossip Cop also defended Prince Harry and Markle from the criticisms. They said that the public shouldn’t question the couple’s decision to ask a photographer to take their photos at the cemetery.

After all, Prince Harry asked the royal family first if they could lay a wreath on his behalf. And after they said no, this was the only time that Prince Harry decided to take matters into his own hand.

The rumor-debunking site said that if the members of the royal family can have their photos taken while laying wreaths at the cenotaph, so can Prince Harry.

After all, the Duke of Sussex served 10 years in the military. And he also has close friends who died while serving the country.

Gossip Cop also said that the tabloids are the ones commenting negatively on Prince Harry and Markle’s visit to the cemetery. After all, they’re quoting people who are allegedly saying negative things about the couple but they’re unable to include their names.

Meanwhile, Battle of Brothers author Robert Lacey told Newsweek that the recent snub shows that the rift between Prince Harry and the royal family is worse than what the public thought.

Lacey also said that the Duke of Sussex is more interested and open to the idea of reconciling with the royal family than they are.